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    11 Ways to wake up beautiful

    by clare spencer July 13, 2017

    11 Ways to wake up beautiful

    Foster a nightly pamper routine

    Winding down and de-stressing after a busy day can be difficult for a lot of us. Dedicating an extra 5 minutes to your nightly skincare routine is a great way to ensure that you have both gorgeous skin, as well as those extra few minutes each night to spend on just yourself. Consider adding an extra step to your cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise routine such as a quick mask or a serum in order to make you feel extra special and soothed. Take your time with this!


    Invest in luxurious sheets

    While it can seem annoying dropping that hard earned money on sheets, it’s important to think about exactly how much time you will be spending between them. Investing in a good set will improve your relaxation as you tuck yourself in for the night. We love bamboo sheets!


    Relaxing Chamomile Sleeping Tea


    Chamomile tea

    Derived from the daisy family, Chamomile tea has been used to lower stress levels, protect the skin, help ease menstrual cramps and induce sleep for those who drink it. Pour a cup before bed and feel the tranquillising symptoms send you in to a deep slumber.


    Sleep soundtrack

    There are countless apps available for our devices that will play relaxing tones throughout the night that are designed to keep our minds at ease. Whether it is the sounds of the rainforest, ocean, or even city background noise, there is a soundtrack for everyone, and you’ll be surprised how rested you’ll feel come morning.


    Moisturise before bed

    Spending the time to moisturise your body before bed will have you waking up feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Nowadays, you can get lotions that heat up throughout application allowing for sensory warmth during winter, as well as cooling lotions for the warmer seasons.


    Luxury Sleepwear to wake up beautiful

    Wear beautiful sleepwear

    Naturally, what you wear to bed will affect the way you feel when you wake up. Would you rather start your day in a baggy tee covered in holes and old hair dye stains, or a cute silky soft PJ set? Invest in sleepwear that makes you not only look good, but feel good. You’ll wake up beautiful. 


    Invest in a humidifier

    Everyone can see benefits from a more humid environment. Cold, dry air extracts moisture from skin, resulting in a dull, flaking complexion. A humidifier will prevent the damages that a harsh climate can create, and help you sustain a bright and glowing look.


      wake up beautiful

    Sleep on silk

    Switching out your cotton pillowcases for satin, or wearing a silk scarf to bed will reduce the friction that your hair endures throughout the night, meaning you won’t wake up with a tangled, frizzy mess.


    Don’t sleep on your front

    Notorious beauty icon Audrey Hepburn was known, in part, for her helpful beauty tips and tricks, and swore by avoiding sleeping face down as it’s bad for beauty sleep. On average, a human head weighs between 3-4kgs, so if you’re sleeping face down then you’re putting 3-4kgs of stress onto your face each night.


    Avoid heavy carbs

    Eating heavy carbs at night will give your face that soft doughy appearance come morning. If you’re looking to wake up with defined cheekbones, opt for a high protein dinner rather than heavier options such as pasta and potatoes.


    Silky Luxurious sleepwear set

    Get close and personal

    Sex before bed will not only helps you bond with your partner, but according to the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at the Morehouse School of Medicine, it will also raise your oestrogen levels ‘which can enhance a woman’s REM cycle for a deeper sleep’.


    What do you do to wake up beautiful? Leave us a comment! x 

    clare spencer
    clare spencer

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