At Home with Homebodii: Kiara King

December 10, 2016

At Home with Homebodii: Kiara King

Kiara King (aka Lion in the Wild) is an Australian creative who is not only a lifestyle blogger, but also a freelance art director, creative consultant, stylist, and writer. Kiara's blog Lion in the Wild publishes articles on style, beauty, travel, and life and has led her to work with brands including Clinique, Westfield, Revolve Clothing, and Rimmel London. Homebodii has been lucky enough to work with the beautiful creative and speak to her about blogging, fashion, and being at home.


Homebodii Blogger in Lace Dress

Name: Kiara King
Occupation: Freelance creative and blogger
Location of Residence: Perth, Western Australia


Tell us a little about Lion in the Wild, and what inspired you to start your blog.

Truth be told, Lion in the Wild was born simply out of boredom and a need to be creative after I finished my Design Degree all those years ago. Since then it has become a personal platform to share what I love most; creating beautiful content featuring my favourite outfits, beauty products, destinations and day-to-day life.


 Lion in the Wild Kiara King

What is your ultimate fashion tip?

Wear what makes you feel confident, whether it’s a dress and heels or a tee and jeans. There is no one more stylish than someone who rocks an outfit with confidence.

What item can't you live without?

That honour is probably split between both my iPhone (surprise, surprise!) and my 2016 Diary. I write a to-do list in my diary for every single day and if something isn’t listed, then chances are I’ll forget it, so I’d pretty much be hopeless without it.


Homebodii with Lion in the Wild

How would you describe your morning ritual?

Productive. I’m one of those weird morning people, so I like to rise early, get a little exercise out of the way, make myself a giant coffee, and get started on my emails and other tasks.

How would you describe your bedtime ritual?

Before bed, I try to nourish my skin and relax my mind, which means skincare, candles and lavender hand cream (the last one is more rewarding than you might think!). I definitely like to spend a little time to indulge whenever I can.


Lion in the Wild Flatlay


What is your favourite thing about being at home?

Give me Netflix, our comfy lounges, a cosy blanket and a block of chocolate over going out any day of the week. I’m a huge homebody, so there’s nothing I crave more than a lazy day at home (except maybe chocolate).

What book are you currently reading?

Golden Lion by Wilbur Smith.

Which Homebodii garment best suits your personality?

I adore the Alya Cami & French Knicker Set - it’s luxuriously soft and playful. Plus, the Cami doubles as daywear too, paired with a blazer and jeans.


To find out more about Kiara and Lion in the Wild be sure to follow her on Instagram and snapchat @lioninthewild.


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