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    At Home with Homebodii: Mekel

    by Ashley Pilkinton September 26, 2017

    At Home with Homebodii: Mekel

    The lovely Mekel is an Australian illustrator known for her beautiful watercolours, pops of colour, and delicate linework. Mekel has always had a passion for drawing since a young age - especially of girls in pretty outfits. Before focusing on her fashion illustrations, Mekel worked for over 10 years as a graphic designer for bouqitue agencies. She is the talent behind the handwritten Betts Shoes Logo, the watercolour murals in their Australian store, and the illustrations in More Money for Shoes by Melissa Browne. Mekel has had three solo exhibitions, including one at Perth Fashion Festival. Her clients include the likes of Twinings, TOPSHOP, Westfield, Elle, Revlon, and Homebodii. Mekel has received much deserved praise for her illustrations, and was featured by Vanity Fair as one of their '5 must-follow fashion illustrators'. 

    Homebodii was fortunate enough to have a chat with the wonderful Mekel to discuss her illustrations, inspiration, and being at home. 

    Mekel Illustrations Interview with Homebodii
    Name: Mekel 
    Occupation: Fashion Illustrator 

    Location of Residence: Perth, Western Australia 

    Tell us a bit about how you got into illustration and formed Mekel Illustrations.  
    I always loved to draw growing up however I moved into Graphic Design as a profession for 10 years where I was able to use my skills occasionally. After gaining more clients I left my job as a designer, joined the Jacky Winter group and did illustration full time.  
    Homebodii Interviews Mekel Illustrations
    Where do you find inspiration for your illustrations?  
    Online fashion resources including instagram and other social media is fantastic as its very to the minute and often live.


    What is your favourite illustration to date?  
    I have a few personal pencil sketches that have never seen the light of day, I hope to release them soon :)
    Probably one of my latest pieces 'the star' would be my favourite at this time, this is available on my website as a print.


    Australia Fashion Illustrator Mekel

    Do you have any tips for aspiring fashion illustrators?
    Find your own style that is unique to you! there is many people doing similar things so find your niche and embrace it. Don't be disheartened if you don't feel like its perfect, you could draw squiggles for eyes - just be confident.
    What item can't you live without?
    A pacer pencil.
    Australian Fashion Illustrator Mekel Interview with Homebodii
    Describe your morning ritual.
    Coffee, emails, run, breakfast, social media, visual inspiration and draw draw draw
    What is your favourite thing about being at home?
    I'm completely myself, inspired by sights and sounds that I love.
    At Home with Homebodii: Australian Fashion Illustrator Mekel Illustrations
    Which Homebodii garment best suits your personality?

    The Tatiana Lace bodysuit in black is my favourite piece in the collection. I saw this on the NYFW runway and thought it was so cute, feminine and a little bit cheeky!


    TGIY - Mekel Illustrations


    To see more of Mekel's illustrations follow her on Instagram @mekel_illustration or visit her website

    Ashley Pilkinton
    Ashley Pilkinton

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