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At Home with Homebodii: Sophie Guidolin

by Ashley Pilkinton June 29, 2016

At Home with Homebodii: Sophie Guidolin

Australian fitness model and beautiful mum of four, Sophie Guidolin, has been a busy lady! The four time national fitness model and 5th placed World titles competitor has recently released her latest nutrition and exercise programs called The Bod. Sophie has taken the health and fitness industry by storm, inspiring women to take control of their lives and health, while taking care of a young family.

Homebodii was able to catch-up with the inspirational Sophie Guidolin and talk about food, health, and motherhood.

Homebodii with Sophie Guidolin
Sophie is wearing our Cartia sleepwear set and our Sofia Lilac Floral robe. Photo courtesy of Sophie Guidolin.


1. Congratulations on your amazing book! What is your best health tip for new mums?
Thank you so much! The best health tip I can give to new mums would be to prepare healthy snacks and meals ready to go in the fridge, freezer and pantry. Set aside one day a week and stick to it. By ensuring there are healthy options, you will be able to grab on the go as you need!

2. You’re always on the go – describe your ultimate day off?
Lying in bed, asleep. LOL. No, no - with four kids my days of lying in bed are truly over! My ultimate day off, is at home on a warm day cooking, baking and creating delicious meals with the family. Alternatively we love the beach, walking or bike riding.


Sophie Guidolin Homebodii

Sophie is wearing our dreamy lush plush gown and our Short piping PJ set in blush.


3. Which three ingredients can’t you live without?

Such a good question! I have to admit I have changed my answer about three times, because just three is not really enough and there are just 'too' many variables! LOL
- Oats
- Avocado
- Honey

4. Whats you best beauty secret?
Keep it simple. We always seem to think more is best, however quite often less is best.
I only use natural products on my skin, wash my face with warm water and use mineral makeup during the day.


Sophie Guidolin

5. What has been a life changing moment for you?
I have had so many in my life that it is hard to narrow that down to just one defining moment. Moving to QLD (without knowing anyone except my partner) was incredibly daunting, but has turned out to be the best decision I could have made. I think we have so many life changes and make so many subconscious decisions everyday that we don't even realise how different life could be with just one split yes or no decision (crazy)!


For more information about Sophie and her health journey, or to purchase one of her books go to

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Ashley Pilkinton
Ashley Pilkinton

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