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Homebodii for Cancer Awareness Month: At Home with Brooke Pender

Homebodii for Cancer Awareness Month: At Home with Brooke Pender

February is Cancer Awareness Month, which is something that is very important to us here at Homebodii. Every homebody deserves to indulge in and enjoy comfort and calm throughout their everyday. We sat down with skin and beauty therapist Brooke Pender, to discuss finding that comfort and calm in our lives, and her closeness to awareness about Breast Cancer.


Brooke is a self-confessed homebody, who’s passion lies in helping others feel their best from the inside out. In our chat, she leads us through her morning ritual for grounding, and self-care to appreciate the magic of every day.









What is your morning ritual to set you off for the day ahead?


First thing I do when I wake up is take a moment to breathe deeply, be grateful and set my intention for the day. It's important to me (especially with a busy schedule) to carve out that time for myself to avoid getting caught in the midst of overwhelm. Exercise wakes me up and keeps me feeling motivated and strong. I enjoy my 6am classes at the gym and I have a special passion for ballet/dance which gives me a deep physical, emotional and spiritual connection to my body. When I get home I shower, get ready and enjoy making a freshly squeezed juice for breakfast. My current go-to blend is beetroot, orange, carrot, celery and a touch of ginger.

"A quote I like to live by, is 'You were put here on purpose, for a purpose'".



Self-care is something we are indulging in appreciating right now - what are your self-care rituals?


I really appreciate those simple moments of just being able to be on my own. Spending time outside as often as I can, breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature. I also enjoy picking up a good book and escaping into a new world, away from the screen and noise of my busy life. At the end of the day, I go into my bathroom to have a bath, meditate, listen to a good podcast and do my skin care regime. It just gives me time to think, digest, process, and reflect internally.






What do you like to wear at home while lounging and having some time out?


I am definitely a Homebodii… no pun intended. I love wearing floaty silhouettes and light fabrics with subtle colours around the house. My custom embroidered blush pink Olivia Robe is my favourite and is perfect for that time when I want to relax and settle my mind, body, and soul.



Who inspires you?


My family. Their love and support inspires me to grow and give love to others every day. I enjoy a lovely dinner get together with my friends and family to celebrate what is happening in our day-to-day lives. The table gets filled with lots of yummy foods and hand-picked flowers from the garden. We sit, make memories, share belly laughs and enjoy being in each other’s company.






Breast cancer - it is close to your heart - could you share with us why?


Yes, Breast Cancer is something very close to my heart. Early this year my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and has spent majority of 2020 receiving treatment. Words cannot describe the heartache and numbness you feel when the closest person to you receives this news. It’s been a hard and long journey for my family, but the one very important lesson I have taken away from this year is to live your life, each and every day, with gratitude and appreciation. Don’t stifle your emotions, hold a grudge or drown yourself in guilt. Live fully with purpose and intention.


None of us know what will happen tomorrow, but what we can do is live well. Each and every day. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s worth fighting for, even when it gets hard. Don’t spend your time worrying about the future or feeling badly about the past. Try to enjoy the right here, right now.

Chatting with Brooke gave us some incredible insight into finding the moments of magic in each day, and just how important it is to appreciate all of them. Spending time with our families and friends, as well as ourselves is so important. What are your routines or tips for loving the little things? Sending our love to all the beautiful homebody’s out there who have just as close a story to cancer awareness as Brooke, and finding the magic in every day.