Lets talk sleepwear

May 19, 2019

Lets talk sleepwear

Let’s talk sleepwear ...


Now it’s pretty safe to say that by now most of us have mastered the night routine - remove makeup, exfoliate, moisturise, though we don’t consider what kind of sleepwear we are putting on. But what if we told you, your PJs matter and could be the reason you aren't getting adequate beauty sleep? Well don’t stress just yet, we have identified three key points to look for when shopping for sleepwear that’ll leave you rested up and fresh faced. Oh and we threw in a little care guide too … your welcome.


Choose your fabric wisely

The fabric your sleepwear is made from is arguably the most important aspect of nightwear. The last thing you want while trying to catch some Z's is worrying about clingy/itchy/irritating clothing. Its important to remember everyone reacts differently when it comes to fabric, so make a note of what you find most comfortable. If you're into the silky, feather-like feel then try silk or something similar, like our satin Short Piping PJ Set or our Jasmine Slip. If however, you prefer something a little softer and free-flowing go for cotton. We suggest anything that is breathable and helps regulate your nightly temperature.  




I think we can all agree tight-fitting clothes are last thing you envision when thinking about jumping into bed. Dodge anything with too much shape or you'll find yourself tossing and turning with adjustments all night. A relaxed-fit nighty is always a good choice, like our Talulah Boho Slip for example. We recommend generally going a size up, this will relieve some restriction but wont have you getting caught amongst all that loose fabric.


The details

Its important to consider the details of your sleepwear. Are there large buttons that might dig in, are any hems to tight in trouble areas, will lace trim irritate you? All of these considerations will potentially be problems you deal with in bed. Our Abigail Long PJ Set is a good example of relax-fit sleepwear with details made for comfort, with small buttons and loose-fitted hems on the arms and legs. Our Jasmine Slip also showcases a minimal approach for leisure. 


Now that you've found yourself some top-notch, comfort central sleepwear you want to make sure it lasts the course ... And as always, we've got you covered. 



Care of silk clothing

To ensure your silk or silk-like fabric lasts the hard yards here are some general care tips:

  • When possible, hand wash in lukewarm water using mild silk/wool/cashmere detergent
  • After thorough rinse, gently roll your PJs in a clean white towel to remove any excess moisture
  • After air drying, iron on a medium (silk) setting on the reverse side only, if a steamer is accessible this works best
  • Body lotions, cosmetics and perfumes are known to leave marks on silk nightwear so we suggest steering clear of these or being mindful when applying


Care of cotton clothing

Cotton is a little more easier to care for then silk, here are our tips:

  • Machine-wash your cotton garments at 30 degrees
  • Of course, separate whites and colours to avoid any discoloration
  • We suggest air-drying cotton garments, and try to avoid direct sunlight as it may fade or ‘yellow’ your white PJs
  • Stretch gently while slightly damp to restore the fabric’s original length and width
  • Iron at medium to high setting with light steam


Well there you have it, the complete guide to sleepwear! We hope to see you catching a full-nights sleep soon. We would love to see how these tips have helped you, let us know in the comments xx

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