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Best Gifts for Your Astrology Obsessed Friends

Best Gifts for Your Astrology Obsessed Friends

28 July, 2021

Best Gifts for Your Astrology Obsessed Friends

Published by Nina Weiss for Homebodii

Here at Homebodii we took a look at your horoscope and it’s predicting a lot of star sign activity in your future! Whether you are a Gemini, Leo or Taurus, here at Homebodii you can shop by your star sign with our impressive collection of zodiac shirts and personalised star sign hampers. From custom star sign t-shirts to zodiac-themed hampers and you will find something to suit your style (and star sign) in our collection.

“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.”

—Dane Rudhyar

Monograms and birthdays are a great way to customise gifts for the ones you love, but there's another thoughtful—and totally beautiful way to personalise a gift by representing their zodiac sign. We all have at least one friend who loves astrology, whether they're always checking their daily horoscope or getting psyvhic readings, why not get them a gift that they'll go totally starry-eyed for.

“The stars foretell a Homebodii star sign zodiac shirt and a creative celestial hampers for you or your beloved in your future”


Today it's not easy figuring out which present makes the most sense for yourself or for your friends. People have ever-changing tastes and needs, especially as everyone's adjusted to stay-at-home orders this year. So why not turn to the stars to make things easier, and shop for gifts according to zodiac sign? Think about it — zodiac hamper may be just what you need to help you land on something your friend is practically guaranteed to love.


For a milestone birthday, you can’t go past a star sign hamper. Whether you’re gifting a romantic Librian, an indecisive gemini or a creative Cancerian, your gift recipient will truly appreciate the thoughtfulness of a present that symbolizes (and celebrates) their personality traits.


In fact, zodiac gifting of any kind will guarantee 100% giftee happiness. In our collection, you’ll also find star sign sleep shirts, t-shirts and zodiac hampers for next-level galactic gifting.