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Slip into something more comfortable, and even more stylish, with our range of Homebodii Slips. Whether it’s snoozing on a summer’s eve with you, or paired with heels for a night out, our women’s slips exude femininity and elegance for your homebody heart.

Our collection of ladies’ slips, chemises, and nightdresses are designed with simple luxury in mind, including lace trims, exclusive Australian-designed floral prints, and a selection of beautiful pastel colours. Our slips can take you from lounging at home, to a night out with their sophisticated, feminine designs, and comfortable fit.

Our Slips Range includes a variety of long, medium, and short length cuts, and different neckline styles, meaning there is something for every homebody. Our slips extend to all sizes, and are all designed with adjustable straps, taking comfort to the next level of luxury.

Our collection of Australian-designed robes for kids are created with your little one’s comfort in mind, combining blissful lounging and luxurious pattern designs into one special robe for your mini-me.

Our Homebodii Sizing Guide is available to make sure you are getting the perfect size for you! Especially with our nightdresses and slips pieces, we want you to find ultimate comfort when wearing them.

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