What are your silky robes made from?

Our delightful robes are made from high quality satin-charmeuse. When researching the perfect fabrics to make our homebodii robes, we came to realise that despite original preconceptions about the fabric, there is actually a lot to like about it. Technology has significantly advanced and improved the fabric in the past 5 years alone. There’s a lot to like about garments made of satin-chermeuse blends with cotton, rayon, silk, wool and linen. It’s the polyester component that gives the garment drape, stability during the laundry cycle, and a crease-resistant finish. Surprisingly, natural fibres do not possess these appealing attributes, therefore we have decided to stick with polyester as our main component.  

What if I change my mind or the garment is faulty?

Please read our Exchange and Refund Policy page - it includes all the information you will need if you are not 100% happy with your purchase. 

Why does the colour look different in person as to online?

Due to differing screen resolutions across computers, the colours can look slightly different to those pictured online ... but we are certain that the colours are flatteringly beautiful nonetheless!

Do you wear pyjamas and robes to work?

Why of course we do! Forget casual Fridays, we have pyjama Fridays!

How long does it take to process an order?

At Homebodii we aim for a quick turn around! Normal orders will be processed on the next business day. However please allow two to three business days from the date of purchase for personalised orders to be dispatched.

How long does embroidery take? 

At Homebodii we personalise orders in house and therefore have a quick turn around. Please allow two to three business days from the date of purchase for personalised orders to be dispatched. 

What will my order look like when it arrives?

Upon arrival, your garments will be individually wrapped in delicate tissue paper and kept in postal satchels. Orders over 3 garments come in a complimentary homebodii drawstring bag. We ensure to spray our garments with rose water imported from Paris, in order to ensure freshness upon delivery!

I love the look of my homebodii robe. Does homebodii have matching nighties?

We do exclusively manufacture and sell nighties that match our bridal robes. These exquisite designs can be viewed in our lookbook! Visit our style advice page to see which robes are best-fitted to which nighties/sleepwear sets.

How do I best care for my homebodii robe?

We recommend always hand-washing all delicate garments. However, homebodii robes can be machine washed in warm water with like colours, tumble-dried on low heat, and cool ironed if needed (thank you, satin-charmeuse)! If you find your homebodii item to be wrinkled, simply running a cool iron should fix it. As well as this, you can hang your homebodii garment in the bathroom while you have a shower, and allow the steam to loosen the wrinkles. 

How do you come up with the names of your styles?

Our style names are dedicated to women in our lives that inspire us. Family, friends, women we know, or sometimes we just find a name that sticks! 

How do I know which size will best fit me? 

In order to ensure you are completely confident with the way your homebodii garment fits you, we have provided a sizing page on our website. Feel free to contact our homebodii style advice team for thorough, one-on-one sizing assistance.

What if I'm not home when my package arrives? 

If you are not available to sign for the package at the time of delivery, a calling card will be left at your address. Please make sure you follow this up with the appropriate courier in order to receive your package. DHL has parcel-tracking technology.


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